WARN Customer Testimonials
Dear Warn,
I am a wounded Vietnam veteran and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for a product well done. I have always owned a WARN winch because I know it will outperform any other winch on the market. Over the years I have owned and used several models of WARN winches on my Trucks and Jeeps and all have performed flawlessly. Now, I have just installed a new PowerPlant Dual Force HD and a set of SBD-160 driving lights on my 2005 Ford King Ranch, and I must say you have hit a home run with this one. With 12,000 lbs of pull and an onboard air compressor, this one will surely be the one to own. Keep developing innovative products like the PowerPlant Dual Force HD, and your top rated customer service, it's what makes a good company great.

Pete - Fort Pierce, FL.
I am very much an avid off-roader and last year I was on a 1700km journey through the Sultanate of Oman, not an unusual trip for me as I am the owner of an Off Road Adventure company there. On the 31st of December we found a beach on the coast that according to the local fisherman, no one had driven down to before. New Years Eve was incredible and we ushered in the new year in our own alcove. January 1st, 2009, a year that brings new challenges. None of us, 6 in our group, in 3 cars - 1 JK Unlimited and 2 Land cruiser GXR's all of which are fitted with Warn winches, realized that the challenges of the new year would start with having to winch all three cars out of the beach. 3 hours, 3 winches, 1 snatch block and lots of tow cable and we finally made it out. All of this is thanks to Warn's formidable winches. I have used my winch in the past, a 9.0RC, for small pulls, but never constantly for over an hour.

Thank you and keep up the great work,
Nicholas - Sultanate of Oman
To all at Warn: You really do design and manufacture the best winches in the industry! I have the 12,000lb WARN winch that my Dad traded for my 10,000lb and it's been used a lot! I shopped around before buying the winch, but didn't feel comfortable going with any other brand. Warn has been in our family for years and has never let us down when we relied on you to get us or others out of any mess. Just want to thank you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

John - Utah
I'm a huge ATV enthusiast and have had my ATV and WARN 2.5 winch since 1986. I was washing the vehicle recently after a swamp ride and happened to notice the winch had serial number 00002. It is cool that this old winch is still going strong even after all the abuse I have dealt it. A great product then; and a great product now!

Jayson - Monroe, La.
I just want to thank you for producing such a high quality winch with easy to read instructions. Is there any chance in getting some Warn stickers to proudly display on my quad? I want everyone to know that I have the best.

Brian - Upper Sandusky, OH
I just wanted to write and compliment the excellent customer service that I received. This type of commitment to your customers is very rare these days. Just so you know, I have 2 Warn winches, an M8274 and an M12000. When the time comes to put a winch on my 3rd truck, you can bet it will be another Warn

Andrew - Sacramento, CA
Product Quality, Customer Service, Warn Rules, what more can I say?

Ben - Topeka, KS

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