ARB Customer Testimonials

If anybody wants to know how tough the ARB bumper are, this is now is proof it REALLY WORKS!!

This happened north of Prince George, BC a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday night while one of our salesmen Jonathan, was heading back from a road trip. At the time of the impact, the truck was going about 65mph (110 km/h). The next morning in Prince George, Jonathan met up with a RCMP officer and mentioned to him that if he was driving anything else but our F-350, police and highway crews would be peeling the moose & Jonathan out of the driver's seat.

The bumper did its job by deflecting the 1500 lb. moose away from the truck. The moose was moving from the left to the right side of the highway.

ARB Bumper Testimonial

Unfortunately the impact threw the moose's head onto the hood, then proceeded to swing the butt around and cave in the driver side door and ripped off the mirror as well. The moose continued to do more damage to the front and rear rocker panel of the box, after being driven over. Needless to say the moose is a confirm kill due to verification from a truck driver I talk to on Wednesday.

So for the damaged is estimated around 10 - $15,000.00 CDN & 1 1/2 weeks in the body shop.

We have now made it mandatory for our company trucks to be outfitted with ARB Bumpers after this little incident. You never know when you'll hit another moose.

July 2006

Mason Funk - Warehouse Manager
Langley BC, Canada

I had an accident back in September of '05, the other driver ran a red light when I was turning across traffic and hit me at the front/passenger corner of the Jeep.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because no one was hurt and there was NO frame damage to my Jeep. I have always believed your products are designed and constructed above your competitor's standards.

Since the accident I cannot speak highly enough of you. The ARB winch bumper was totaled but I am convinced it saved my Jeep from the same fate. My insurance company made the Jeep practically good as new and put a new ARB bumper on the front, I would have not accepted any substitutes.

Thank You,
Gregory L Lewis
Jeep Owner
Loyal ARB Customer
I trust this company and have heard only the best about its products and the capabilities of its products. I very much appreciate your contribution to THE best hobby and sport on the planet.

Thank you,
Wayne Eades
Valley Springs
Jeep Cherokee owner

Me and my mates have always gone on plenty of camping and fishing trips and we always had 4WDs or utes, but we didn't get into 4WDing properly until a couple of years ago.

I was hooked pretty much straight away and spent all my spare time and money getting my 4WD ready with a bull bar, winch, snorkel, and anything else I could get my hands on.

I wasn't too fussy with brands to begin with, but then one of my mates introduced me to ARB Air Lockers. Nothing else around beats them, and since then, I have fitted front and rear Air Lockers to every 4x4 I've owned.

Sam Mitchell
Dear ARB,

My name is Al Turner, I felt I had to get in touch with you to say thanks for saving me a lot of money at the least, and maybe more. I bought my 1st 4WD about a year ago, a 2nd hand LandCruiser 80 Series. Most of my mates have 4WDs and when I got mine, I started noticing that all my mates have ARB bull bars, so I got one too.

Last week I hit a kangaroo a few kilometers out of Dubbo. It gave me and my wife a massive fright, but from all reports it could have been much worse. I drove in to Dubbo and was told by a local mechanic that if I didn't have an ARB bull bar, the kangaroo might have hit the windscreen, at the very least it would have made my Cruiser un-drivable.

So from my wife and myself - THANKS ARB!!

Yours sincerely,
Al Turner
Dear ARB,

My wife and I have traveled practically all the way around Australia in our 4WD. We've always had ARB gear on our vehicle, and a couple of months ago something happened that made us very thankful for this. We were heading up to Broken Hill and driving at about 95km/h when a kangaroo came out of nowhere. I braked hard, but there was no way I could stop, and we hit the roo, still traveling pretty fast.

It was an extremely scary experience, but I'm in no doubt that it was the ARB bull bar on the front of our vehicle that saved us from what could have been a very serious accident. The bull bar was basically untouched, and the only evidence was a dint in one of the side panels. ARB's gear is the best around, and we'd never travel Australia without it.

Paul Dupuche
Hi there ARB, I thought you might appreciate some positive feedback on one of your products. My truck is largely fitted out with ARB products but it is the front and rear ARB Air Lockers that I appreciate the most. I head out whenever I can in my 4WD and without ARB lockers, I would have to avoid all those obstacles that make 4WDing fun. I recently traveled the Rubicon Trail with a bunch of work pals, and my lockers kept me going when plenty of people had to winch. Thanks ARB!

Ed Sanchez

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