The Land Rover Defender (initially called the Land Rover 110) is a British four wheel drive off-road utility vehicle.It uses the basic yet robust underpinnings of a ladder frame chassis and aluminium body and is available in a huge variety of body types from the manufacturer.While perhaps best associated with expeditions, Defenders are also used variously in agriculture, industry and the military.
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Winches used under certain conditions i.e. Salvage, recovery and off road applications will require a much higher rated winch than that of a less frequently used winch used for a rolling load such as a small boat, caravan or car onto a trailer.By using a snatch block to obtain a "double line pull" you can in effect almost double the pulling capacity of your winch. It is good practice to use a snatch block when performing a "heavy" self recovery as it will decrease the current running through your electric winch motor and helps to prevent overheating and damage to the unit.
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Designed for the extremes of 4WDing, IPF lights provide the ultimate in lighting performance, regardless of conditions. Foul weather, night driving and the impending hazard of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road. To counter the limitations of standard vehicle lighting, IPF lights deliver outstanding quality, durability and performance.
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Our deluxe bull bar selection is our most extensive, with bull bar and winch bar options available for most vehicle models. Loaded with features aimed at making remote area travel safer, no other bull bar offers the same degree of vehicle integration, protection or functionality.
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Safari Snorkel
Raised Air In Takes consist of Stainless Steel Pipe Work and Hardware, with Injection Moulded Ram Scoop and Wing Mouldings.The flexible hose on these units run directly from the base of the stainless pipe to your Air Filter Assembly. On Defender this eliminates several joints on standard pipe work that can fail, just when you don't need them too!!.
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Coil Springs
Old Man Emu designs a range of coil springs for each vehicle, enabling the installer to match the most appropriate springs to the intended application. While ride height increases are attained, emphasis is placed on ride control improvements. Further fine tuning is achieved when the springs are matched to a corresponding set of Old Man Emu shock absorbers, delivering a fully integrated system designed specifically to suit your vehicle.
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Shock Absorber
Old Man Emu Long Travel Remote (LTR) shock absorbers were originally developed for off road racing applications, where their precise handling on dirt roads and superb control over rutted tracks proved their consistent performance was unsurpassed in all conditions. 4WD owners who operated their vehicles in harsh and remote areas soon recognised the benefits of LTRs, which led to OME developing a wider range. Like all OME shock absorbers, LTRs benefit from vehicle specific valving which is preset by OME's in-house ride control engineers.
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